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Friday, January 1, 2016

Episode 26: Love You to Death

Stream the episode above. Click on the pictures below to visit each band's site. Click here to download the mp3. 
“Springtime,” by Seaside Tryst. (Seattle, WA.) From self-titled. https://seasidetryst.bandcamp.com/releases

“Lady,” by Beatrix Sky. (Olympia, WA.) From Sympathy EP. https://beatrixsky.bandcamp.com/

“Gargantua,” by The Fabulous Downey Brothers. (Tacoma, WA.) From ~ • •. https://fabulousdowneybrothers.bandcamp.com/

“Pocket Full of Light,” by The Balloon Power Challenge. (Tacoma, WA.) From The Balloon Power Challenge, Volume 1. https://petertietjenandtheballoonpowerchallenge2.bandcamp.com/releases

“Algernop Krieger,” by The Lunch. (Olympia, WA.) From Thinkin' About Stuff. https://thelunch.bandcamp.com/

“Tremors,” by Glowfriends. (Kalamazoo, WA.) From Gather Us Together. https://glowfriends.bandcamp.com/

“Rail Car,” by Patrick Doherty. (Tacoma, WA.) From Rail Car EP. https://patrickdohertymusic.bandcamp.com/

“Need Me,” by Mombutt. (?) From Lil Demo. https://mombutt.bandcamp.com/album/lil-demo

“Mopwater,” by Joe Chip and the Intertials. (Seattle, WA.) From the Mopwater single. http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/JoeChipandTheInertials

“You Know Why,” by Killer Ghost. (Seattle, WA.) From Lo-Fi High Five. https://killerghost.bandcamp.com/

“Transmission,” by Amniotic Buzzsaw. (Bellingham, WA.) From With Pluto Gone, What's to Become of Uranus? http://amnioticbuzzsaw.com/

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