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Death by Stars
Moody, atmospheric, electro-rock.

Sun Thieves
Classic Seattle fuzzed-out mid-tempo punk rawk.

The Balloon Power Challenge/I Like Science
Well composed pop synth, helmed by the multi-talented Peter Tietjen.

Manatee Commune
Instrumental, lushly layered, chill music.

Tummler and Solomon
Heavy, droning, and sludgy; creates mood and atmosphere through its insistence and tone.

Local Tacoma favorites—good songwriting and good sing-alongs.

The Estafets
Modern rock and roll with some '80s metal tropes thrown in for good measure.

The Bismarck
Loud but nicely constructed, creative rock and roll.

Recently signed to discord—one of the best bands you'll hear this year, I swear.

Jesus on the Moon
My band (shameless self-promotion)

J. Martin
Delicate, smartly constructed acoustic-driven indie music.

One-man recording and live project—dark, ambient, funereal drone; the “Satanic Brian Eno.”

Great songwriting and catchy melodies, slowed down to a sludgy, inexorable crawl and tempered by wildly creative experimentation.

Stiff Spirit
Balls to the wall Seattle rock 'n roll with a voice that could saw through bone.

People under the Sun
Excellent local synth pop with the occasional dash of psychedelia.

The quintessential Tacoma punk band.

Boring People
Kalamazoo melodic indie music to the tune of Pavement, Built to Spill, Archers of Loaf, etc.

The Celestials
Eerie, ethereal, angular, swelling music.

Watermelon Sugar
Another great Swoon Records release.

Crash City Saints
Kalamazoo shoegaze. Listen with your headphones turned all the way up!

Once the biggest underground band in Tacoma, now defunct, but still relevant

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