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About Typhoid Radio

Typhoid Radio is a podcast dedicated to independent, underrepresented, and unknown bands. I play a variety of genres but especially focus on:
  • Indie
  • Post-punk
  • Punk
  • Shoegaze
  • DIY
  • Lo-fi
I play music from all over, but I especially want to give the Tacoma, WA scene a spotlight. Tacoma is often overshadowed by her more popular sister, Seattle, but there's good music and a legitimate scene here that should be heard.

Typhoid Radio is primarily a place for independent music, but independent artists of any kind—filmmakers, writers, poets, painters, etc.—are welcome.

If you would like to submit, see the submission page for more information.

About me:
I currently live near Tacoma, WA and play in Le Lo/Fi, a self-described “space punk” band. On the subtler side, I have a recording project (and now, a live act) called Jesus on the Moon. I went to school in Kalamazoo, MI, and later moved to Washington to finish. I got a teaching gig after graduation and decided to stay in the Pacific Northwest.

I started this show for a few reasons:
  • To play music that I like without having to get permission from anyone else
  • To give a voice to bands I think people should know and hear
  • To get involved in the local music scene
  • Selfishly, to have a space to also play my own bands' music without having to red rover my way through the gatekeepers of our culture