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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Episode 25: Shoegazin'

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  • Use the RSS feed on the right (though I can't get this podcast into iTunes, you can actually still use iTunes to subscribe to the show)

The bands:

“Hearts,” by Charlatan. (Seattle, WA.) From Charlatan. https://charlatansounds.bandcamp.com/

“R U Cirrus,” by Mombutt. (?) From Lil Demo. https://mombutt.bandcamp.com/

“Wwaves,” by Beatrix Sky. (Olympia, WA.) From Pretty Things EP. https://beatrixsky.bandcamp.com/

Untitled and unreleased track by Jesus on the Moon. (Tacoma, WA.) From the upcoming release, Elsewhere. https://jesusonthemoon1.bandcamp.com/

“Elevator Eyes,” by Terwilliger Curves. (Portland, WA.) Unreleased. https://terwilligercurves.bandcamp.com/

“Busted,” by The Fabulous Downey Brothers. (Tacoma, WA.) From ~ . . https://fabulousdowneybrothers.bandcamp.com/

“Nesting,” by Fruit Juice. (Olympia, WA.) From Are You Okay? https://fruitjuice.bandcamp.com/album/are-you-okay

“Head Worms,” by Droneyear. (Olympia, WA.) Demo. https://droneyear.bandcamp.com/releases

“Plant Life,” by The Balloon Power Challenge. (Tacoma, WA.) From self-titled. https://petertietjenandtheballoonpowerchallenge2.bandcamp.com/releases

“Baby It's Just You,” by Season of Strangers. (Tacoma, WA.) From Season of Strangers. https://seasonofstrangers.bandcamp.com/

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