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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Episode 23: Pretty in Pink

 Episode 23 of Typhoid Radio. Download the show here, stream it above, or subscribe to the RSS feed on the right.

“Telephone Game,” by Ghost Bunnies. (Kalamazoo, MI.) From Ghost Bunnies. https://theghostbunnies.bandcamp.com/

“Spiderbite,” by Boring People. (Kalamazoo, MI.) From Onan. https://boringpeople.bandcamp.com/

“A.D.D.O.L.,” by Boring People. (Kalamazoo, WA.) Unreleased. https://boringpeople.bandcamp.com/

“Fawn River,” by The Glowfriends. (Kalamazoo, WA.) From Gather Us Together. https://glowfriends.bandcamp.com/

“Animal Sound,” by the Nightgowns. (Tacoma, WA.) From Sing Something. https://myspace.com/thenightgowns

“Northern Shapes,” by Wheelies. (Tacoma, WA.) From Never Die. https://www.facebook.com/wheeliestacoma

“March of the Umbra,” by Umber Sleeping. (Tacoma, WA.) From Escape into the Unknown on a Dragster Saddled Cruiser. https://umbersleeping.bandcamp.com/

“Mirage,” by Fruit Juice. (Olympia, WA.) From Terra-Fi. https://soundcloud.com/fruitjuice-oly

“Always Never,” by Charlatan. (Seattle, WA.) From Charlatan. https://charlatansounds.bandcamp.com/

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