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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Episode 22: Linus Torvalds for President

Episode 22 is here! Download the episode here, click above to stream it, or use the RSS feed on the side to stay updated.
“Too Much of a Good Thing,” by Charlatan. (Seattle, WA.) From Charlatan. https://www.facebook.com/CharlatanSounds

“Trinkets by the Roadside,” by Terrapin Productions. (Tacoma, WA.) From Sketches of Perfect Landscapes. https://www.facebook.com/The.Terrapin.Productions

“You, the Medicine, and Me,” by The Purrs. (Seattle, WA.) From The Boy with the Astronaut Eyes. https://thepurrs.bandcamp.com/

“Atlanta, MI,” by Boring People. (Kalamazoo, MI.) From Onan. https://boringpeople.bandcamp.com/  
“Final Molt,” by Terwilliger Curves. (Portland, OR.) From Catatonic in the Blitzkrieg. https://terwilligercurves.bandcamp.com/

“Dress to the Left,” by Mean Spirit. (Portland, OR.) From Transrational. https://meanspirit.bandcamp.com/releases

“The Politics of Dying,” by Tummler and Solomon. (Tacoma, WA.) From You've Worn out Your Welcome. https://tummlerandsolomon.bandcamp.com/

“Sun Sun Sleep,” by Strange Egg. (Tacoma, WA.)

“True Blue,” by Jesus on the Moon. (Tacoma, WA.) From Antimony. Www.jesusonthemoon.com

“Scarlette Harlot,” by Mirror Mirror. (Spokane, WA.) From Scarlette Harlot. https://mirrormirror.bandcamp.com/

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