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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Episode 12: The Muskegon Episode

Episode 12 of Typhoid Radio.  This month, I pay homage to my hometown of Muskegon and the music that inspired me.  You can stream the episode above, download the mp3 here, or subscribe to an RSS feed on the right.  

“Wack Trucks,” by the Wack Trucks. (Muskegon, MI.) From How About Smash Rockin'. Released 1998.

“U,” by Miami Death Machine. (Muskegon, MI.) From Idiot Magnet.

“City of Devils,” by Miami Death Machine. From Idiot Magnet.

“Anyway,” by Salmon;beastman. (Muskegon, MI.) From Winter Song.

“Right Now,” by the Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine. From the April Singles.

“Shock Mount,” by Rapper's Guild. (Muskegon, MI.) From Solid Guild.

“Fuck You up the Ass,” by the Big Wheels. (Muskegon, MI.) From The Yellow Tape.

“For a Second I thought I was Meatloaf,” by Andy Mitchell. (Muskegon, MI.) From the Muskegon Music compilation.

“Believe Me Now,” by Super American Metal. (Muskegon, MI.)

“Pirate Dance,” by the Wack Trucks. (Muskegon, MI.) From Shake This. Released 2000.

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