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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Episode 10: The Genre Police

On this week's episode, I'll be playing some new releases from a couple bands:  A shoegaze band from Australia, a new release on Dischord, a self-released ambient track, some hardcore, some Seattle rock, and a new track from my band's upcoming release.  Click here to download this episode; click on the pictures below to visit each band's site.  Click on the right to follow this podcast's feed or to submit your work to be considered for play on the show.  
“Collider,” by Roku Music (Brisbane, Australia). From Collider

“I'm Only Looking,” by the Crash City Saints. From the I'm Only Looking EP.

"Stolen Wallet," and "I've Learned to Roll," by Minutes. From Roland

"Christmas Morning Coming Down," by Boring People. From A Boring Christmas.

"Vection," by Trueno. Live at NPCC on December 21, 2013 (winter solstice show).

“American Terror,” by Coma Figura. From the EVSDRiPR EP. 

"Wake," by Jesus on the Moon. From Factoria. 

"Commencement Bay," by Boreal. From Commencement Bay

Just Say Ya Hate,” by Stiff Spirit. 

"Dirty D," Mad Mardigan. 

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