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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Episode 5--So Sick of Stuff

Here it is—episode 5 of Typhoid Radio. Click on the pictures below to check out the bands' sites; if you're in a band, submit your music on the right. You can download the mp3 here or subscribe to the RSS feed on the right.  In this episode:  Old men,  biting indictments of consumer culture, ambient death metal, and free unicorn rides. 

  Inferno,” by Ever So Android. (Seattle, WA.) From their self-titled EP. 

Fruitful Path,” by The Bismarck. (Seattle, WA.) From Wild Prairie Rose. 

Your Ghost,” by Estafets. (Seattle, WA.) From their self-titled demo. 

Seattle Sex Drug,” by Stiff Spirit. (Seattle, WA.) From the Endino Sessions. 

Consarnit,” by The Philly Crawlers. (Kalamazoo, MI.) From Clamour Amore

Metal Detecter,” by Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine. (Grand Rapids, MI.) From some old tape I found in a box in my closet that's been lost for like ten years. (Not sure what the name of the album is...) 

Hollow Ways,” by Jesus on the Moon. (Puyallup, WA.) From Rare Forms

Sarcophagus,” by Boreal. (Tacoma, WA.) From The Sarcophagus Demos

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